2012. Co-Designers: Cultures of Computer Simulation
in Architecture
(London: Routledge) Preview | Review

Book Chapters

2016. with Janet Vertesi, David Ribes, Laura Forlano, and Marisa Leavitt Cohn. “Engaging, Designing, and Making Digital Systems” in The STS Handbook. Cambridge: MIT Press.

2009. “Keepers of the Geometry,” in Simulation and its Discontents. Sherry Turkle (ed.) (Cambridge: MIT Press) pdf

Book Review
2014. Review of Software Takes Command, by Lev Manovich. Journal of Design History. html

Journals and Proceedings
2016. “A place for Big Data: Close and
distant readings of accessions data from the Arnold Arboretum” Big Data & Society. online

2016. “Taking Big Data apart: local readings of composite media collections” Information, Communication, and Society. online

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Sociotechnical Studies at Arup
. PhD Dissertation. (Cambridge: MIT) Advisor: William Porter, Committee: Sherry Turkle, William Mitchell, Edith Ackermann

2003. Rulebuilding. Exploring Design Worlds through End User Programming. Master of Science Thesis (Cambridge: MIT) Advisors: William Porter and Larry Sass

1999. Utica A-Z. Bachelor of Architecture Thesis (Ithaca: Cornell University) Advisors: Lily Chi and John Zissovici

Popular Media
Popular Science, New York Times, Domus, Casabella, New York Magazine (A full list is available upon request)

2016 Information+, Emily Carr
Speaker, Local Data

2016 Critical Visualization, CUNY
Speaker, Local Data

2015 Screening Scholarship, U Penn
Exhibition Participant, The Life and Death of Metadata

2015 The Data Made Me Do It, UC Berkeley
Invited Speaker, Local Data

2015 Museum Studies, Johns Hopkins University
Invited Speaker, Local Data

2015 ICLAST Series, Georgia Tech
Invited Speaker, Local Data

2014 Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection
Invited Speaker, The Life and Death of Metadata

2014 Archives as Instigator, Museum of Modern Art
Invited Speaker, Life and Death of Data

2014 Thinking with your Eyes Symposium, Harvard University
Invited Speaker, Data Artifacts at the Arnold Arboretum

2013 Digital Humanities, Wentworth Institute of Technology
Invited Speaker, Data Narratives

2013 STS Circle, Harvard University
Invited Speaker, Data Narratives of the Arnold Arboretum

2013 Conversations in the Digital Humanities, Cornell University
Invited Speaker, Drawing Data Work

2013 Department of Architecture, Princeton University
Invited Speaker, Co-Designers

2013 Digital Humanities: The Next Generation, Simmons College
Participatory Session with Matthew Battles, Data Artifacts Workshop

2013 Digital Media Program, Georgia Institute of Technology
Invited Speaker, Drawing Data Work

2012 Digital Book Summit, Olin College
Participatory Session with Matthew Battles, Exquisite Corpora

2012 Take Note Symposium, Harvard University
Invited Speaker with metaLAB(at)Harvard, Teaching with Things

2012 Society for Social Studies of Science, Copenhagen, Denmark
Paper Presentation, Data meets Design

2012 ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Austin, TX
Interactivity Exhibit with David Mindell, A Visual Display of Socio-Technical Data

2012 School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Invited Speaker, A Visual Display of Socio-Technical Data

2012 Communication Department, University of California, San Diego, CA
Invited Speaker, Communication in Situ

2011 Society for Social Studies of Science, Cleveland, OH
Paper Presentation, The Visual Display of Sociotechnical Data

2011 Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Cambridge, MA
Invited Speaker, Visualizing Human Presence

2011 Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA
Invited Speaker, Translate, Rotate, Reflect

2011 MIT 150 Symposium: The Future of Exploration, Cambridge, MA
Exhibition, Visualization of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing play video

2011 MIT History, Theory + Criticism of Art and Architecture, Cambridge, MA
Respondent, Beyond the Author

2010 TEDx Athens Youth Day, Athens, Greece,
Keynote Speaker, Translate, Rotate, Transform play video

2010 INPUT_OUTPUT Symposium, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Keynote Speaker, Moonscapes and City Scrapes

2010 Society for Social Studies of Science, Tokyo, Japan
Paper Presentation, Surface Cities

2009 Society for Social Studies of Science, Washington, DC
Paper Presentation, Spaces of Simulation

2009 Cornell University Information Science Colloquium, Ithaca, NY
Invited Speaker, Design as Computation

2009 The Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, NY
Presentation and Panel Discussion, Material Feedback

2009 Autodesk Headquarters, Boston, MA
Invited Lecture, Keepers of the Geometry

2009 Emerging Voices Lecture Series, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI
Planning + Architecture Research Group
Inaugural Lecture: Conceptions of Design in a Culture of Simulation

2009 Violence and the Cinematic City, Cornell University Ithaca, NY
An original film made in Google Earth, Angel Dust, with John Zissovici

2009 MIT Department of Architecture Computation Lectures, Cambridge, MA
Invited Lecture, Conceptions of Design in a Culture of Simulation

2008 Digital Critical, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Paper Presentation, Keepers of the Geometry

2007 Society for Social Studies of Science, Pasadena, CA
Paper Presentation, Building Simulation through a Socio-technical Lens

2007 Manchester University, Department of Architecture, Manchester, UK
Invited Lecture, Performance Discourse at Arup

2007 Cambridge University, Martin Centre, Cambridge, UK
Invited Lecture, The Culture of Simulation in Building Design

2005,2006 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
Exhibition, Computer Aided Fabrication for Sculptors

2005 Society for Social Studies of Science, Pasadena, CA
Paper Presentation, Representations of the User in Geometric Modeling

2005 Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany
Invited Lecture, Practices of Learning, New Media in Architectural Offices

2005 New York State University, Department of Architecture, Buffalo, NY
Invited Lecture, Computational Design Workshop

2004 ACADIA and AIA Fabrication Conference, Toronto, Canada.
Paper Presentation with Larry Sass, A Generative
Approach to Modeling Architectural Designs Using a 3-D Printer

2004 European Assoc. for the Study of Science and Technology, Paris, France
Paper Presentation, Relational Modeling in Architectural Education

2002 MIT Initiative for Technology and Self, Cambridge, MA
Invited Lecture, Digital Mock-ups Ethnographies

2002 MIT The Center for Bits and Atoms, Cambridge, MA
Invited Lecture with Larry Sass, Digital Fabrication in Architecture

2000 Cornell University Department of Architecture, Ithaca, NY
Exhibition with John Zissovici, Hartell Gallery Moving Wall

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    08.10 "A place for Big Data: Close and
    distant readings of accessions data
    from the Arnold Arboretum" was just published in Big Data & Society. Read the article online here

    08.01 "Taking Big Data apart: local readings of composite media collections" was just published in Information, Communication, and Society. Read the article online here

    06.16 I have lots of travel coming up. I will be in New York for Critical Visualization, then Vancouver for Information+, and finally Brighton (UK), where I'm co-organizing a workshop at the Design Research Society.

    04.07.16 I will be talking about "The Life and Death of Data" as part of pyData Atlanta on April 7th @MailChimp

    03.14.16 Big Data, Local Data, Counter Data: three competing strategies for imagining the future. A blog post about our work on housing data.

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